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Why/How We're better

Filimon Partners distinguishes itself in the following ways:

  • Fast Turn Around Time: By choosing to work with a select number of clients per year, we handle only one to two assignments at any given time. You get 100% attention and your search is always at the top of our agenda. The result is shorter completion time.
  • Personal Involvement: You will have a dedicated, highly experienced professional managing every aspect of the search process. We will be intimately involved in the initial research, sourcing, assessing and closing of candidates on every assignment.
  • Commitment: In order to maintain a track record of repeat clients, we maintain a strong commitment to satisfying customers. Every search has its unique challenges and we remain committed to finishing all assignments, no matter how difficult.
  • Wide Candidate Universe: We have access to a wide candidate universe because, unlike most of the major search firms, we have no significant off-limits restrictions within the Fortune 500 firms.
  • Communication: We understand how important an executive search is for your company. That's why we promise to be in constant communication with you throughout the process.

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